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Business Finance, Accounting,
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We offer trusted guidance and accounting systems services to our clients, as Certified Information Technology Professionals, Certified QuickBooks Pro Advisors, and as Certified Microsoft Great Plains Business Solutions Partners.

We provide a wide range of accounting department and accounting software system administration services, tailored for each client, for a low and reasonable fee. Our accounting department services range from monthly accounting and payroll services, to Controllership, and SEC level CFO services.

We also offer a full range of traditional financial accounting services, including audit, review, and compilation of financial statements. We also perform various business finance services, such as business valuation, financial statement analysis, business planning, and business plan development for startup entities.

Our firm also provides additional value and strategic advantage by melding our taxation services with our accounting systems and consulting services expertise. Need a set of books finished up for taxes? No problem. We will do your books, prepare your business and personal income tax returns, and also assist with tax planning and estimated tax calculations.
Service Organization Internal Control Audits
& Attestation Engagements

We are currently offering SSAE 16 Service Organization engagements, as well as Attestation Standard Section 101 engagements, which have replaced the SAS 70 Standards, and are now more commonly know as SOC audits. If you need a SOC 1, SOC 2, or SOC 3 audit report, and/or wish to display the AICPA/SOC logo on your site, we can assist with establishing your credentials and keeping them up to date.

Business Planning & General Business Consulting

We also provide long term strategic planning tools and guidance to clients, based on a three part business planning and structural analysis of industry model, designed to measure and maximize return on investment and return on shareholder equity. Our program will establish a strategic business strategy, provide the means to implement and measure progress towards goals, and also illuminate areas of strength and opportunity for future growth and success.

We will also assist with developing and implementing a successful business marketing strategy. We can provide guidance on developing a marketing plan to segment and target the most profitable market opportunities within your industry. We can help the small business owner, for example, to develop and implement a strategy to compete successfully with much larger entities doing business in the same industry.

We believe that modern small business should have the proper tools available for planning and control, and to make timely and accurate business decisions. Our goal is to provide the most efficient and up to date technology solutions for ideal small business finance and accounting management.

We will assist your business in establishing a business plan, including an information systems management strategy, which will allow management to measure performance against established criteria and benchmark performance standards, such as past performance, and/or published industry performance averages.

What is a CITP?

CITP, or Certified Information Technology Professional, is the information-technology specialty credential issued by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA) exclusively to qualified CPAs like us with proven expertise and experience in information management/ assurance. The AICPA is the premier professional association for CPAs in the U.S. and has more than 360,000 members. You must be a CPA member in good standing of the AICPA before you can obtain the CITP Credential. In addition, CPAs adhere to the AICPA’s strict code of professional conduct and ethics.

Why is CITP a preferred choice over other information management/assurance credentials?

CITP is granted exclusively to CPAs who are members in good standing of the AICPA. As a CITP Credential holder, we demonstrate a comprehensive knowledge of the core areas of information management/assurance. Also, to obtain the credential, we met stringent requirements with professional work experience, education and training that tests our information management/ assurance knowledge. As an added benefit, when you choose our firm as a CPA/CITP for your information management/assurance needs, you also gain an advantage from our knowledge and expertise in related areas such as IT audit and attest services or data management and business reporting. This integrated, holistic approach ensures your needs are more fully met.

What are other reasons I should hire a CPA who holds a CITP Credential?

Studies by independent groups repeatedly have shown that CPAs are among the most trusted advisers to the public. As such, CPAs have over the last 100 years built a reputation as professionals who provide competent, ethical and trustworthy advice. As a client, you can count on objective information management/assurance advice from our firm that always will meet your best interests. CPAs are the core professionals who consistently interact with a company’s financial data, and CITP is the only information management/assurance credential specifically designed for CPAs and the unique perspective we bring to the practice or organization.

How do CPAs qualify for the CITP Credential?

To obtain the CITP Credential, CPAs must prove their broad-based knowledge and business experience in core areas: information assurance, internal controls, business process improvement, data analytics and enhanced business reporting. They also must acquire intensive business experience and commit to lifelong learning requirements.

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